Treatment Options

Infections must be fully treated.

It is critical to identify and treat any active infection as quickly as possible. In most cases, symptoms begin to improve within one week of antibiotic treatment, however, further interventions are often required to fully heal the underlying causes and alleviate all of the symptoms. If treated promptly and thoroughly, symptoms can remit completely. If left untreated and symptoms persist, permanent neurological injury can occur.

A set protocol has not been established but is often comprised of one or more of the treatments listed below. Always consult with your doctor for the best treatment options for your child's specific case.



    Treatment Basics

    • 14-day course of B-Lactam Antibiotics
    • Consider 5-15 days of Prednisone
    • Consider IVIG or PEX
    • Consider continued full dose or prophylactic dose of antibiotics
    • CBT and/or counseling for residual OCD
    • Psychotropic medications can be considered if appropriate. Initial dose must but an extremely low amount with a very gradual taper up as needed to avoid activation, agitation, akathisia, and other adverse effects of the drugs.

    Physicians can find additional information and details on treatment options on the Pandas Physicians Network.